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The Joystick

Posted By on May 22, 2012

The Joystick

The joystick has been the goto input device for video games since pong.
With the advance of touch screen (iPhone/iPad) Devices the joystick has taken the back seat to swipes and taps.
In order to make a great game you need to have some sort of input that is so intuitive that a child can play and at the same time have the game challenging enough that any gamer would love sticking around.

Today i’m happy to announce we have finished the joystick portion of our game. One reason i created it from scratch was because i alway hated when i play a game and i realize i’m not moving because my finger is not on top of the joystick. Once we go into beta testing we will see if our new joystick is what we are hoping it will be. TBC-